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Finding the perfect Phuket Villa or Condo Rental?

Phuket has many options for vacationers looking for the perfect vacation home. Large families looking for luxury child-friendly villas have so much choice in Phuket, as many properties have beautiful sea views and magnificent private infinity pools, while also providing the comfort, privacy and security that is required by any family taking their holiday in Phuket.

Villa rentals in Phuket are an excellent way to get that home from home feel in one of Asia’s most beautiful holiday destinations. The privacy and extra space you get from renting private accommodation far exceeds that of a hotel. There are also over 1000+ Phuket villas and apartments for rent here on the island so lot’s of choices; from secluded beach villas to swanky apartments with sea views - all tastes are catered for here and prices can actually work out cheaper than staying in a hotel.

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Book With Trusted Sources

Looking through many vacation rentals and sending emails to multiple owners can be a very difficult task. Sometimes, the person you are emailing is not an owner, and could be a fraudster! Lots of property portals carry no checks on the people postings listings, so anyone and everyone can create a fake property. Local agents such as LivePhuket, have great relationships with property owners and managers.

Use Reviews

Reviews are great but only if they are real. Some review systems are open to owners creating their own reviews! LivePhuket use's a review validation process to ensure all reviews are accurate and representative of people that have actually stayed in properties during their vacation. Sometimes there are some useful information that can be found in reviews, so check them out.

Phuket Has Seasonal Prices

Prices can vary in Phuket during different months. This is known as 'seasons' that are based around the rainy season (low season) and the very popular high season. Usually local agents like LivePhuket can negotiate heavy discounts during the low seasons so you should ask the customer service agents if this is possible. Also the longer you stay, the cheaper the nightly price so if your coming on a 2 week holiday, then the more chance of a discounted stay.

Location, Location, Location

Location is so important in any holiday rental decision. Phuket has many different beaches and the private accommodation is spread across the whole island. Kamala, Patong, Surin, Bang Tao, Kata, Karon and many more beaches to choose from. When searching for any vacation rental in Phuket, use the map feature to see where the property is located.

Use all the Tools Available

There are many tools offered by LivePhuket vacation rental platform to make it easy and quick to find your ideal holiday home or villa. Use the filters, including the price bar to match your budget per night, number of bedrooms, amenities and if you want to find the best Phuket rental properties close to the beaches or in your favourite location - use the zoom function on the map to narrow down your searches.

Do Your Research

There are many Villas, Condos, Penthouses and Pads to choose from, with each location offering something different. Villas in Patong can cater for bigger groups or come to enjoy the nightlife versus properties in Kamala can be more smaller family villas. Surin Luxury Villas are some of the most impressive and affordable or if you want something more relaxed consider the South of Phuket, in areas such as Nai Harn, Chalong and Rawai can offer very affordable holiday homes.. Its best to find a location and property that matches your group and type of holiday you have planned.

Read the Small Print

Don't forget to be safe when booking your vacation villa and home for time your here. Many of best private and luxury Phuket villas do have extra charges such as electricity or if need to check-out. Make sure you have read and understand all the information. Each LivePhuket property for rent has all the key information to make sure your aware and protected while booking your holiday villa in Phuket.