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Making the move to Phuket is a big life decision which will require many important choices. Finding a long-term rental property that meets your needs and satisfies your requirements will likely be one of them.

LivePhuket’s user friendly long term rental platform helps you narrow down your search to only those villas and apartments you’re interested in.

When you enquire about a property, an experienced long term rental agent will be in touch with you within the day to ensure we fully understand your requirments.

LivePhuket also has the largest selection of Phuket vacation rentals and Phuket real estate for sale! We are the all-in-one Phuket property shop!


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Securing a Long-Term Villa or Aparmtent Rental in Phuket

Matching people with suitable properties is what we do best here at LivePhuket. We pride ourselves on providing expert advice  on long-term Phuket accomodation to anyone who wants it.

Our long-term rentals platform was created with you in mind and we test it extensively to make sure it delivers exactly what we promise you, a great user experience. Whether you’re seeking monthly or yearly rentals in sea view villas or urban apartments in Phuket, we're sure to have something for you.

Phuket mixes island lifestyle with urban living and it does it well. From the busy streets of Patong to the gorgeous beaches of  Nai Thon, the vareity of places to live is huge! They call Phuket the 'pearl of the andaman sea' due to it's location and beauty. With so many properties available for long-term rent, this island really can be your oyster!

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Knowing what you want and need

As with most things in life, knowing what you want and need is important. Renting long-term in Phuket is no different. Do you want to be a short walk from the beach? How far from the nearest school do you need to be? Is being near a good supermarket important? All these things and more need to be thought about to help you narrow down your search for a suitable property.

Monthly spend

Monthly budget is the most important factor in deciding which long-term rental properties can be considered. Phuket has many long-term accommodation options spanning a wide price range. It is important to be honest with yourself and our agents when discussing this. Being transparent about your maximum budget will help save you time and ensure you get the best possible options offered to you.

Length of stay

Prices of long-term villas and apartments in Phuket drop considerably the longer you stay. Discounts typically apply at the monthly, 3 and 6 monthly, and yearly stay lengths. Sometimes staying an extra month can make a lot of sense if it greatly reduces the overall price.


If you’re renting long-term in Phuket but only planning on staying half of the year, you'll want to pick the right half for you! Phuket has two weather seasons, wet and dry. The wet season is from July to November, during which time it rains a lot, hence the name. The dry season from December to June is hot, dry and sunny but is also the most popular and busiest time of year.

Property styles

Modern apartments and villas in Phuket come complete with full western kitchens and air-conditioners throughout. For a more authentic experience, Thai style accommodation can be rented at a cheaper price. There are also hybrid styles which infuse Thai style with modern furnishings. You're better off looking at a range of different styles before committing to either.


To secure a long-term rental you will normally have to pay a months deposit upfront. This may be more or less depending on the length of stay. There is also usually a security or damage deposit which covers the owner in the event of damage to the property or furnishings.

Trusted Agent

Make sure you rent long-term through a trusted agent in Phuket. Established agents normally have good relationships with their clients so f something goes wrong or there is a problem with your rental ithey are able to mediate on your behalf. You can of course rent directly from the owner but in the vent of a problem you are very much on your own.